While the concept of Ladies Self Help Groups (SHGs) has taken a firm root in our country, it has been observed that hard work is necessary especially in marketing. Failures of SHGs in some areas have also come to light.
For the SHGs, this new invention should be of great help run a successful business, since:

  • The investment is nominal
  • The product price will be affordable
  • The consumer market is huge and is continuously expanding

Quality sanitary napkins at affordable will also find a market among rural and lower middle class women who can discard their traditional method of using unhygienic cloth and switchover to these.

The SHGs, making these napkins will then have a repetitive market in their own areas which will enable them to expand their business enabling an upliftment in their lives. This concept of self-development can spread to all the 800 districts in the country where Ladies SGHs can be formed for making and selling these sanitary napkins enabling a mass scale upliftment of women in the country.

State Governments can also offer encouragement by permitting the sale of these inexpensive quality sanitary napkins in the ration shops, considering the hygienic aspect of women.